Auxiliary Power Plant

Our auxiliary power plant is capable of providing electricity for the mill, all water wells, and office needs in case we go “offline” at any time. This allows us to provide uninterrupted care for the cattle.

Flaker Mill Unit

The Flaker Mill Unit (far left) and the 35,000 bushel grain storage (far right) are recent additions to the Fowler Feeders. We started to steam flake corn in April 1997 and are very pleased with the results of this addition.

Gearn Roller Mills

Our two Gearn Roller Mills have 18 inch diameter rolls that are 36 inches long. The steam chest above them is 30 feet tall and 38 inches in diameter. We are able to steam flake about 9 to 10 tons

Holman Boiler

Our Holman Boiler from Super Boiler Works is the best and most trouble-free boiler we could get our mill.

Vet Hospital

The computerized animal health system enables us to track each animal that has been treated, giving the cowboys and the consulting veterinary a quick and accurate account of each animal and the pen that it belongs to. This is useful in withdrawal times and cost efficiency decisions.