The computerization and accuracy of our mills is for your benefit and meets all standards set forth by the FDA. We utilize a computerized bunk reading system, which allows our bunk reader to have access to 30 days consumption, calls, and changes while they are calling each bunk early in the morning. Our computerized animal health system enables us to track each animal that has been treated, giving the cowboys and the consulting veterinarian a quick and accurate account of each animal and the pen that it belongs to. This is useful in withdrawal times and cost efficiency decisions.


Our crew designed and built both our “load out” facilities and the “perfect” bunk sweeper. Ingenuity and creativity are very useful traits to have around a feed yard.


Each pen is cleaned and the manure removed at least once a year. The receiving pens are prepared with fresh running water and prairie hay for all of your incoming cattle. Our sick pens have shaded covers and straw that provides bedding for cattle that are recovering.


Our cattle scales are 14 feet wide and 70 feet long, providing good weight conditions.

Packing Plants

Fowler Feeders is centrally located, and sells to 4 major packing plants.